Fire Prevention #2

One of our homeowners’ greatest nightmares is a housefire. Even worse is a housefire of no fault of their own. Some fires are simply unpredictable. Often these fires are caused by outdated electrical wiring or breaker boxes.

Consider this: 

How many personal electrical devices belong to each family member in your home?   

  • smartphone
  • Smartwatch
  • Laptop
  • Desktop Computer
  • Tablet
  • Smart TV
  • TV Box
  • Gaming Console
  • Smart Speaker
  • Virtual Reality Device
  • Virtual Assistant Device (Google Home, Alexa, Apple Homepod, Nest Hub, etc.)

According to this site, the average American has more than 10 connected devices in their household. Another reported 11. 

Now, consider how many personal electrical devices 
were found in homes 20 years ago

With the average age of a home in America being 37 years old, it is safe to assume the majority of homes are not wired for the technology now plugged in daily. In fact, outlets and breaker boxes are often overloaded leading to more than 51,000 fires, 500 deaths, and 1,400 injuries each year

Herehere, and here, you will find essential tips for protecting your home or business from a fire caused by outdated wiring.

We sincerely hope you never need fire restoration services, but if you do, we’ll take care of you and your family from the moment the fire department extinguishes the flames until your home (or business) is returned to a pre-loss condition.